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Gourmet is based heavily off of the Anime/Manga Toriko, however, there are more than a few tweaks of my own.

If you haven’t seen Toriko, It’s not a big deal. I might make use of characters from the actual show, but only in a minor character sort of way that doesn’t require any actual knowledge of them.

The basic concept is having a world that revolves around the acquiring and cooking of foods. Most of these ingredients are dangerous to obtain, but delicious to eat. Quite literally, the whole currency system is based off of what ingredients sell for. Get rare foods, and you can get rich fast. On the other hand, you can die easily.

Yes, die. Unlike a lot of role plays I have done in the past, I do plan to kill characters if they make bad decisions, take on more than they can chew, or are simply unlucky. Luckily, Player Characters can be brought back to life at temples throughout the world. The price? Well, that depends on the mood of the all-powerful Goddess, The GM Ayakashi.

Ah, the other thing I should add is that, while acquiring ingredients is fun and can make you rich, it is most certainly NOT the only thing to do in this wonderful world. If what you really want to do is become a fisherman, then be a fisherman! It might get boring after a while, but in that case, you can stop and decide to be something else. This world is one that I’ve set up to run well no matter what you want to do.

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Main Page

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